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Destination: The world. First stop: Juniata College.

Huntingdon is a powerful home base for students who study around the world.

Students and alumni of Juniata talk about the location of the College as “powerful” because of the many significant things that happen to them while they are here.

But perhaps the most powerful aspect of being here at Juniata is that this College is a gateway to an international education.

In the 2017 Open Doors report, Juniata ranks #10 in the nation for Leading Baccalaureate Colleges for our long-term study abroad programs.

Our students travel across the world where they conduct important research, use the universal language of music to connect with others, and assist doctors, farmers, and others during service learning trips. We welcome visiting scholars and students from 38 states in the U.S. and 36 countries around the world, and these students inform, educate, and expand the worldview of all of us who live and learn together.

Enjoy these stories—four of hundreds that happen every year—of students who are, at the same time, of Juniata and of the world and who go on to live lives of purpose and consequence.

Brody Greenleaf '18

Service Translates to Experience

With a humanitarian heart and a head for healthcare, Brody interned at a therapy center here for seven weeks through an award-winning Juniata immersion program. He helped conduct hearing and vision exams and served as a translator for doctors. Brody earned a Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship to help cover the journey. He’s also studied in Spain, where he’ll return this spring for an internship in Madrid.

Calli Wise '17

Drawn to a Fresh Environment

An internship with the Army Corps of Engineers near Juniata led Calli to a more far-off endeavor in Ecuador, where she studied culturally sensitive solutions to environmental problems. Calli kept a sketchbook to capture memories from each day. “My sketches bridged the language barrier with my host siblings—they often sketched with me or asked to add to my book.”

Akira Tachikawa '18

Getting in Touch With His Roots

Akira had no plans to study abroad when he was looking at colleges. Seeing how Juniata students’ lives were enriched through travel changed his mind. A native of Japan, Akira has spent most of his life in the United States. Living and learning in Sapporo for a semester helped him reconnect with his Japanese roots.

Shanna Law '16

A Published Researcher Before Grad School

At the University of Otago in New Zealand, Shanna’s independent geology research project led to a published paper in a New Zealand scientific journal. The international experience also made her grad school applications stronger—as well her eventual job interviews. Shanna kept a blog about her experience.

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