All Together Now: JOO-NEE-AT-UH!

Does it drive you a little crazy when someone mispronounces your name? That used to drive us crazy too since there seem to be so many ways one could choose to pronounce J-U-N-I-A-T-A.

At "Joo-nee-at-uh" we're proud of our name and our many alumni who've made a name for themselves—thanks, in part, to the education they received here at our College.

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So, now that you know for sure how to pronounce the name of this fabulous college, do us a favor: When you come visit (soon we hope), and you happen to see our president walking across the quad with his coffee cup in his hand, please go up to him and say, "President Troha," ["Troha," thankfully, is pronounced exactly as it looks] "I just love it here at JOO-NEE-AT-UH College!" That will make him smile.


Learn to say Juniata and you will come to love it, too!

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