It Gets Into You, This Place

This is not just “College.”

Talk to students or our loyal alumni about what it’s like at Juniata College and they'll tell you about their first trip over the mountains to Juniata—how it felt to be welcomed into Juniata’s warm and supportive community. They may point out that Juniata has always been great at attracting really fun, smart, and focused students—no two alike.

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They may explain how intellectually liberating it is not to be obligated to choose a major, but to instead have the opportunity to design your own education—your own Program of Emphasis.

And if you ask, they'll be happy to describe the cool things you will discover about life at Juniata and in the welcoming town of Huntingdon.

For certain, they are going to tell you that your Juniata Experience is never going to leave you.

Think About Who You Are