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Think All College Visits Are The Same?

Think again. At Juniata, each tour is customized to the person taking it.

“For me, coming to campus for the first time felt like entering a different world.”Chandler Steffen '16

College is closer than you think. And the best way to understand which college is the best for you is to visit. Visiting campus means you’ll be able to experience student life by immersing yourself in it, getting to know Juniata’s community first-hand. Every season, we hear from students and families about the impact of visiting our campus.

“For me, coming to campus for the first time felt like entering a different world,” says Chandler Steffen ’16. “Driving into town on a fall day, when the leaves are changing, is one of the most beautiful sights you’ll see. When combined, the town, foothills, and College have a calming energy.”

Even when snow covers the hillsides, people talk about the warmth of our community. After a February campus visit, Noah L.’s mom wrote to us:

“Juniata is a community of support and collaboration, where individuals find joy in each other's achievements and advancements. It seems like a statistical improbability in today's cut-throat world, where universities have friends and schoolmates pitted against one another in a misinterpretation of what success truly means. Yet, your students are going to top-tier graduate schools, or moving into enviable jobs, because they’ve been encouraged to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. Thank you for making my son feel ‘seen.’”
—Michelle L.

Michelle hints at what people learn when they visit—because our admissions team handles visits differently. Here, we build visits around you and your interests.

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Visit Juniata and experience an introduction to college life that puts you in the driver’s seat, and gives you a taste of what our personalized education feels like.

“Here, you are never going to be just one of the herd,” explains Steven Simons, assistant dean of admissions. “There might be a couple of times when a small group of families are together, but the rest of the day, students sit in on classes they’re interested in, meet one-on-one with professors, and explore extracurricular interests like music or sports.”

Our admissions team and student tour guides appreciate the effort families make to visit us. So we make it worth your while when you are here.

The Ultimate Customized Visit

The most meaningful way to experience student life on a campus first-hand is by immersing yourself in it. Visit with current Juniatians who have similar interests, and get a genuine feel for what life is like at our College. We make it a worthwhile experience.

“Recently, a student approached us who wanted to do ultimate frisbee and dance at college. She asked if she would be able to do both when she stayed over,” says Simons. “We really wanted to make it happen, but my first thoughts were, ‘No way. What are the odds that can happen?’ But, it’s Juniata, and quirky things happen here all the time. Lo and behold, we paired her with a student who was involved with the dance group, and the frisbee team was also practicing that night.”

People like our approach:

“The welcome that Isabel felt from Juniata was materially different from what she experienced at other colleges. I am simply blown away by the way you personalize the process and really seem to ‘get’ Isabel,” says Laura D., mom of prospective student Isabel.

Learn What It’s Truly Like to Be a Juniatian

A lot happens here—on campus and off. Huntingdon, Pennsylvania—Juniata’s hometown—as well as the beautiful surrounding lake region are jam-packed with a wide range of places to go all year long. Among them is Raystown Lake, the largest inland lake in Pennsylvania, which draws more than a million visitors every summer. Once school starts, our students have it to themselves, to enjoy the water, hike the trails, learn from its setting—as at Juniata’s Raystown Field Station, a living-learning facility where students conduct research on biology in biology.

Our region boasts a wealth of amenities nearby, too, including Lincoln Caverns, art studios, downtown cafes and coffee shops, thrift stores, bike trails, and a locally owned outdoors shop where they’ll set you up with a kayak to paddle down the Juniata River.

When you visit Juniata, you can explore all aspects of student life, both on campus and off. Your experience at Juniata will be anything but common, so why would we make your campus visit any different?

Take a Memorable Drive. Or Flight. Or Train Ride!

Your college experience is one of the most important investments of your life. And it’s closer than you think. Thankfully, Juniata is as well! You can meet with our students, professors, enrollment staff, and financial aid counselors by visiting today.

Easy access to Juniata:


Campus is a 20-minute walk from the local Amtrak station.


We’re within an hour’s drive of two airports (State College, Pa., and Altoona, Pa.), two hours from Harrisburg International airport, and within three hours of Baltimore-Washington International, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia airports.


The gorgeous drive to campus is a great way to get to know our quiet and powerful place.

…And a Megabus!:

Megabus serves State College, Pa.

We look forward to seeing you!

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