Harris Cauler Portrait
Harris Cauler '15

Singing the Praises of Technology and Leadership

Harris Cauler ’15 reflects on the global and urban engagement he experienced thanks to Juniata.
One minute I was studying in a tranquil spot on the quad. The next, I was standing on the Great Wall.

Harris Cauler stood with his fellow choir members on the stage that he called home. He had traveled the world as a member of the Juniata College community, and was now about to sing in front of people who knew him as a child, in the chapel where he first discovered his love of music. He looked out on the audience. It was filled with everyone he loved, the many people who had helped shape his life. Overwhelmed with happiness, he began to sing. He was singing for them. For himself. For the college that had given him so much.

Harris Cauler With the Choir
Students in the acclaimed Juniata Concert Choir perform across the globe. Harris says the choir was a deciding factor in his choosing Juniata: “When I first heard their CD, they blew me away. I knew I wanted to be part of that group.”

There is a credo that has been passed down through many generations of Juniata choir singers: Take time while time is, for time will away.

For Harris, “Hearing that quote early on in my college experience has sparked my passion to pursue everything I can in life.” And at Juniata, Harris did, including…

These experiences enriched his life and propelled him along the professional path he had shaped for himself.

Harris Cauler Portrait
A technology geek with an entrepreneurial spirit, Harris has a natural gift for working with people. In collaboration with his two advisors, he designed an academic program that focused on Information Technology with a secondary emphasis in Management.

“Juniata gives you many opportunities to pursue a million different things,” Harris says. Studying Business Technology and Information Management and taking advantage of internships and special projects, he built up an impressive resume. He started Fusepointe, his own web development company. At the College’s Technology Solutions Center, he managed 25 students. Off-campus, Harris interned at the Department of Education, working down the street from the White House. This led to him being accepted into the highly selective “Emerging Leaders” management program at GEICO, where he is a project manager for digital experience today.

Throughout it all, Harris sang with the Juniata Concert Choir and toured the world. Audiences in China, Guatemala, and Ireland heard his booming baritone sing jazz, madrigals, and plainsong. He says, “It was crazy. One minute I was studying in a tranquil spot on the quad. The next, I was standing on the Great Wall.”

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